Fry Communications Releases FryReADy Ad Portal 2.0 | Fry Communications, Inc

Fry Communications Releases FryReADy Ad Portal 2.0

Mechanicsburg, PA - 8/29/08 - Fry Communications Inc. announces upgrade 2.0 to the FryReADy Ad Portal, its automated, Web-based, publisher-branded advertising file submission and management portal.

The 2.0 upgrade includes the addition of an interactive positioning and cropping tool, allowing the advertiser to see exactly how their ad will fit into a predetermined booking size, or the user can scale and crop the ad to fit the purchased space as desired. Handling of insertion orders is also added to the system, thereby allowing the easy transaction of printer ready ad materials and advertising insertion order transactions and management in an intuitive interface.

Additional upgrades include the introduction of more robust publication management tools, better support tools, and an enhanced intuitive interface and user experience. ReADy Ad 2.0 supports all major web browsers in both platforms. Strategic in its technology, ReADy Ad 2.0 is purely ISP-based, eliminating concerns related to corporate firewalls and security, restrictions on downloading and installing unauthorized applications and plug-ins, and software deployment issues and mirrors the publishers identity. The ASP model also frees publishers of hardware/software support worries.

The new 2.0 incorporates many upgrades based on user feedback over the last several years of FryReADy Ad experience. It provides publishers with an enhanced user-facing tool and interface. "Since its launch the FryReADy Ad Portal has gained increasing publisher popularity," says Steve Grande, VP/Sales for Fry. "We've transacted more than 150,000 ads for publishers and have also been a donor on behalf of these publishers to other printers as well."

ReADy Ad preflights digital ad files, communicates the preflight results with an email to contacts, along with a 72 dpi reference PDF, and then creates an industry standard print-ready PDF file for all compliant ads.

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