Fry Communications, Inc. Completes Installation of Photovoltaic System | Fry Communications, Inc

Fry Communications, Inc. Completes Installation of Photovoltaic System

Mechanicsburg, PA - 2/2/2010 - Fry Communications recently completed its solar collection installation on the roof of its largest production facility. The installation of this state of the art photovoltaic (PV) system underscores the company's commitment to environmentally sound energy practices.

Fry partnered with Secco, Inc., a local solar commercial installation company, to design and install this system. The system incorporates the latest solar technology from Solyndra Products, using a breakthrough cylindrical thin film design to capture direct sunlight as well as the reflective light off the roof to increase the panel's efficiency by 20%.

Solar collection represents a portion of Fry's electricity consumption. Excess power generated from the solar panels may also be fed back into the power grid, allowing Fry to sell any unused power back to the electric utility. The power generated by the PV system will also reduce the company's CO2 emissions significantly.

Fry continues to explore and employ environmentally sound energy and operating practices. More information is available and outlined in Fry Environmental Initiatives brief available upon request.

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