For Sale

Fry Communications has the following equipment for sale. No prices have been set; all reasonable offers will be considered. Please contact Brad Sparks,, for more information or to set up an appointment.

Mark-6 Heatset Web Offset Press

  • 6 Hantscho Mk 6 Print Units (W-698)
  • 2 Hantscho Mk 6 Print Units (W-752)
  • Hantscho F-10 Combination Folder
  • No blanket washers
  • Motorized ink balls
  • 1 complete set of spare printing cyl’s (refurbished already)
  • Complete gear train set (new)
  • Lots of spare parts – bearing boxes, etc.
  • Dalgren dampening system
  • 2  Butler Model # SE38 Roll Stands, 3000 lbs capacity
  • 2 Butler Infeeds - Model (412D-40B)
  • 1 Butler Roll shaft handler
  • 1 Chill Stand with 3 drums
  • 1 Chill Stand with 4 drums
  • 2 Ryco silicone applicators
  • 4 WPC Web Guides (Model #9400)
  • 2 WPC Cutoff Control (Model #9500)
  • WPC Model 326-B web break detector system
  • QTI registration model RGS IV
  • Goss W# 784 Folder, F10 combination folder
  • 2 Meg Tec ovens model C-1200
  • Conveyors (rebuilt in 1998)
  • V3500 Stacker (rebuilt in 1998)
  • Zimmerman Bundle Clamp (rebuilt in 1998)
  • Asking Price – Make an offer

    Note: All units are 22 ¾ x 36”, with manual ink keys, and brush dampening systems.

    Note: Folders are manual change.


UB Perfect Binder

This entire line can be seen in full production.  Please call for appointment.


  • RG-324, 24 Pocket Gatherer (Fully Operational)
  • New gatherer chain (22 ½” pin centers)
  • Independent Drive (Make ready feature)
  • Signature Inhibit / Reject System (Manufactured by Domino)
  • 5 Bundle loaders – Model # BL-312


  • Model # - UBII
  • Serial # - 185
  • 20” Pin Centers
  • 20 Binder Clamps
  • New Binder chain, clamp bearings, and blocks
  • Three milling stations
  • Cover feeder  (Recently Refurbished)
  • Stay-Warm pre-melter, gravity flow
  • Glue pot (Recently refurbished)
  • Applier drum (Recently refurbished)
  • Cover breaker

3-Knife Trimmer

  • Model # HT15
  • Includes conveyors from binder to shuttle hopper
  • Shuttle hopper to feed 3K trimmer
  • HT 4K/5K Trimmer (Not currently installed with 3K)

Steinmann UV Coater

  • Model RC-P102
  • MIROS Anleger Infeed: Serial 90123128, Model HL2S
  • MIROS Anleger Delivery: Serial 90146, Model JP35
  • Sheet Cleaner: Model PK102

Sitma Inserter - A Custom Folded Product Feeding / Trimming / SM15 Envelope Inserting System – Sitma Trimmer.  

Sitma manufactured in 2010. Asking $150,000.00. The entire line can be seen in full production.  Please contact Brad Sparks,, for appointment.

1 each – X-675 Rotary Feeder

  • Servo driven rotary feeder allows for the feeding of folded products. Includes miss and double detection. Camera will be utilized over extended discharge to allow for reading product “code” to be in area of folded product to be trimmed.
  • Min/max length – 2.95” – 8.27”
  • Min/max width – 2.95” – 11.81”
  • Min/max height - .007” - .39”

1 each – VS180-4C Sitma / Axode Camera Control System.

  • Sitma / Axode camera system controller to allow for reading of “code” over extended discharge of component “a”.
  • Camera system is utilized for read and print application.
  • This system includes one camera and one pc.
  • System can be upgraded to 6 cameras.

1 each – VS-HR-50 Camera

  • Sitma / Axode camera for reading customer “code”.
  • OMR, 2 of 9, 2D, etc.

1 each – TRX – Stima 3 Knife Trimmer.

  • Sitma / Technau trimmer
  • Will trim up to 3 sides of the folded product to be fed by component “a”.

1 each – Trim Removal System

  • Sitma vacuum trim removal system.

1 each – 111-P Sitma extension Module

  • Extension module provides transition from trimmer module to envelope inserter collation module.

2 each – 111-6E – Collation Module for 6 Feeders

  • Ergonomically designed collation sections equipped with dual pushers incorporating a “break-away” design for safety and machine longevity. Accommodates a wide range of high-speed servomotor driven feeders. This module is prearranged to handle six feeders mounted at a 20-degree angle to save space. “Center adjust” product side guides enhances make ready time.

7 each – 11-F-20 – 20 degree Angled Rotary Feeder

  • Servo-driven feeder allows for feeding wide variety of products. Includes miss and double detection. Miss detection photocells are automatically cleaned every 1000 machine cycles. Placement of vacuum suckers and grippers reduce make ready times when product size changes. Unique control of vacuum and machine air at suckers and air table reduce miss feeds. Feeder phasing for adjustment of product placement into gathering section may be changed while machine is in production.
  • Min/max length: 2.95” - 8.27”
  • Min/max width: 2.95” – 11.81”

1 each – 978E-11 Positive Placement Feeder

  • Designed to pick up and deposit both flexible and rigid pieces accurately onto the main product in the gathering section. Products are picked from a hopper using vacuum suction cups and placed on the main product in repeatable position. Products may be held in position with either hot melt or static charge.
  • Min width x height: 1 3/8” x 2” (35 x 50mm)
  • Max width x height: 8” x 5 1/8” (205 x 30mm)
  • Max weight: 10.7oz.
  • Max speed: 200ppm

1 each Nordson Hot Melt Applicator

  • Stand alone unit with glue reservoir, heated hose, applicator tip and encoder. Used for affixing one product onto another product. Includes integration with 978E-11 for “tipping”.

2 each – 11R Flipper Turn-Over Module

  • Turn over module is capable of inverting folded and unfolded documents. This module can be easily configured to allow products to pass through without being inverted.

1 each – 111-E Envelope Inserting Module

  • Envelope inserting module includes rotating fingers that assist in the opening of the envelope. Vacuum both above and below the envelope allows positive insertion of gathered products. A transporter belt eliminates any obstruction that may be caused by the envelope flap. Module accommodates a wide variety of envelopes. Rejected envelopes are sent to a separate reject position.
  • Inserts:

Min/max length: 3.94” – 8.27”

Min/max width: 5.91” – 12”

Min/max weight: 50-200 gr/sq.m

  • Envelopes:

Min/max length: 6” – 9.06

Min/max width: 6.38” – 13.43”

Lift-able flap width: 1” – 2.75”

1 each – 111-781 Envelope Turnover and Envelope Closing Module

  • This space saving device was engineered to reduce jams caused by a “bump turn”. Instead the inserted product is transferred around a double belted conveyor and drops into a lugged conveyor. The inserted product changes direction by 90 degrees before it enters the flap closing position.

1 each – 930-1 Ink Jet Module

  • Top and bottom belts transfer the envelope under the ink jet head at the same distance from the print head to the substrate ensuring quality of the post-net bar code or IMB regardless of the envelope thickness. The ink jet print heads are easily adjustable for print location on all envelope sizes. Accommodates a variety of ink jet heads and systems.
  • 1 each Sitma Eye / Domino Controller
  • Includes controller and integration. Sitma software package for read and print application included and includes pc.

1 each – 102AMK Collection Belt with Postal Zone Sortation

  • Servo driven collection belt is configured to separate the mail stream driven by postal zone.