At Fry, every employee makes us who we are. Innovative. Dedicated. The Best. But it is our leaders who provide us with inspiration to be the best every day.

Henry Fry, Chairman of the Board
Mike Lukas
Chief Executive Officer
David Fry
Chief Technology Officer
Mike Weber
Vice President of Manufacturing
Gary Deremer
Plant Manager, Bldg. 2
Scott Hockensmith
Vice President of
Web Paper Purchasing
Kimberly A. Boylan
Human Resources Manager
Dave Landwehr
Assistant VP of Manufacturing
Jessica Stroup
Customer Service Manager
Denny Kapp
Plant Manager, Bldg. 3
Glenn Sollenberger
Director of Postal Affairs
and Distribution
Terry Yeh
MIS Manager

Harry Warner
Director of Quality Assurance
and Compliance

Tom Dyson
General Manager, FryDirect
Brice Daws
Vice President of Order Entry, FryDirect
Dan Gross
Vice President of Production, FryDirect