Our business landscape is changing every day. But one thing doesn’t change. Our commitment to sharing our knowledge and perspective with our customers.

  • The Key to Multi-platform Publishing………Production

    Over the last 24 months, there has been an all-out sprint by publishers to launch their brands on tablets and smartphones in an effort to retain existing readers while engaging new subscribers. To many publishers the cost was high and will never be recouped. Some wrote it off as the cost of staying ahead of the competition and most are struggling to continue to leverage the experience gained during this “experimental” period.

    Who is winning?

    The publishers who were able to quickly add interactive features to InDesign layouts, as part of their standard workflow, are the ones winning. These publishers used standardized tools from Adobe, integrated with WoodWing’s Multi-channel Publishing system to create and export high-quality and engaging content all within an existing production program. The ability to adapt to audience feedback, changing technology and advertising budgets allowed these clients to effectively reach their consumers and limit financial exposure, along with the “2nd Issue” dilemma.

    As we move into 2012, digital publishing technology continues to mature at a feverous pace. Rest assured that our mission is to provide best-in-class digital publishing solutions for our clients that focus on production to reduce cost, streamline process and deliver content where, when and on the device their audience demands.

    Who will succeed?

    In the next few years our clients will be producing content for more than 50 devices of varying sizes and aspect ratios. They will be facilitating social networking, e-commerce and a host of other brand building programs… all at cost that is equal to or less than what they are paying today. This will happen because they will continue to apply efficient production methods with dynamic, collaborative workgroups effectively producing multi-platform content.

    In the end, synergy is paramount to any technology partnership. In close association with our clients and technology partners, Aysling will continue to deliver innovative systems that produce exceptional content, allowing publishers to stand out in all media - from tablet, web, mobile, social, print – and whatever is next. Bottom line: Aysling’s technology partners, coupled with exceptional client support, results in significant business advantages that ensure success!

    Patrick Becker
    President, Aysling Digital Media Solutions

  • Continuously Adding Value--Particularly in Tough Times

    Our customers who are most successful are those who continuously add value to their product, while adding very little - if anything - to the price. They upgrade paper, add color, add UV coating, use post-binding inserts, and most importantly, ADD content - don’t skimp on it - and IMPROVE the quality of their content by paying for more and better writing and art.

    Even while adding value at every turn, they work very hard to add very little to the price of their product. Instead they work to recover the additional cost by achieving more volume, and thus are able to amortize their overhead better.

    Adding value (and cost) while holding the price is undoubtedly counter-intuitive in tough economic times. But these value adding efforts set the successful customers apart from their competition who are simply cutting costs. Once a product is weakened it goes down the slippery slope. There is no way to whittle your way to greatness.

    Years ago it was possible to be competitive even if your product wasn’t the best or the cheapest. Consumers didn’t have all the information and often “settled” for what they could most easily purchase. But the Web has changed all that. Today, everything is just a few clicks away, and the wheat is very easily separated from the chaff. Adding value in tough times is particularly apt strategy in the “winner-take-all” world that the Internet is shaping. By adding value they tip the see-saw decisively in their favor.

    Obviously it takes very strong discipline and considerable creativity to add quality while incurring minimal additional cost. We are always ready to try to help customers do this and have done so many times. [Needless to say, we have also helped publishers who chose the opposite strategy.]

    To help fuel your creativity, we’ve assembled a collection of value-adding techniques in our WOW! Factory. The collection is dynamic, not exhaustive, so check back every so often for additions.

    For our part, we regularly improve the value we offer our customers. Ornate covers, post-trim inserting, our Fry Family Network™, and PQA system are some of the investments we have made. But there are many more accommodations, innovations and improvements in products we have negotiated with individual customers. We welcome an opportunity to provide you an opportunity to improve the value you offer your customers.

    Henry Fry
    Chairman of the Board

  • Introducing the New Fry Brand

    Hello! I’d like to be the first to introduce you to the new Fry Communications blog. In fact, I’d like to introduce you to the new Fry Communications brand, which includes our new web site and our Fry Family Network™ of companies.

    As you well know, there has been great change in the media industry in the last few years. The relationship between the printed word and your readers, advertisers, and buyers has evolved and will never be quite the same again. Change is often scary, but we know there are also great opportunities for those who can adapt to this New World. Accordingly Fry has moved rapidly over the last two years to bring new technologies and services to our publishing and catalog customers. In some cases we have launched these services ourselves, and in others we have invested in companies that we think bring best-of-breed capabilities (along with excellent management teams) that our customers can take advantage of today. We can’t predict the future, but we can do our best to prepare for it.

    We call this collection of companies the Fry Family Network™. The Network allows us to flexibly provide an evolving collection of integrated offerings to match our customers’ needs, and back them with the long tradition of service, quality, and integrity that the Fry name implies. Each of the businesses in the Network is committed to serving its customers the way we have treated ours for more than 75 years.

    Because there is so much “new” going on at Fry, we decided it was time to step back and reconsider how it is we think about ourselves. What has made us successful over the years? What qualities are most important to our customers? How can we improve our business in these challenging times?

    What we found is that even amongst all this change, some things never change at all. For decades, Fry has valued customer service, quality, teamwork, and ongoing investment above all else. Fry and its excellent people have responded to industry changes for generations. Today, those changes involve new digital pre-press technologies, innovative binding techniques, Web publishing software, mobile applications and multi-million dollar cover presses. We are facing these changes the way we always have: with continual employee training and a commitment to providing flexible solutions for our customers. It’s no different today. We are invested in your future. Just as we have always been. We want our brand to reflect this point of view.

    We are very excited by everything that’s happening at Fry, and this blog is intended as an outlet for us to help share it with you. Here you will find regular posts from Fry experts about issues important to publishers, catalogers, and direct marketers...indeed, anyone who needs to engage an audience in today’s dynamic media environment. We hope you’ll check back often to read about paper and postage, mailing and mobile, offset webs and the Web. And we hope you engage in the conversation with us so we can all learn together.

    So welcome to the “new” Fry Communications. Same as it ever was. Innovative, dedicated, and ready.

    David Fry
    Chief Technology Officer