Friend of the Family Offers Cross-Channel Tips

Little did I know when I last ooh’d and aah’d over Fry’s gorgeous metallic trade mag insert promoting The Fry Family Network,™ that I would soon be working with Godengo, their leading CMS provider.

When Texterity ( was acquired by Godengo ( in late March (, a world of opportunity opened. Now publishers can avail themselves of a unified platform that includes digital editions, magazine apps, and monetized websites.  Some publishers already use both providers for select offerings.



Godengo's RIVISTA ™  website features Texterity's digital edition


Texterity brings to the partnership a track record in innovation. Founded in 1991 as an early e-book provider, Texterity pioneered digital editions with its patented Published Web Format technology.  In 2005, Texterity was named by eContent magazine, a “Top 100 Company” to watch.” In 2007, Texterity released the first browser-based solution specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch – and the rest is mobile history.

Today Texterity has hundreds of magazine-branded apps in the iTunes Store/on Apple Newsstand, in Google Play, and in the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire.  These apps are enhanced with live feeds, social connectivity, and rich media. That means publishers can enjoy between-issue readership, build communities, and engage readers.

As with digital editions, app usage can be tracked 24/7, providing publishers, advertisers, and audit bureaus with valuable information.

By joining with Godengo, the combined web-digital-app inventory now exceeds 1,200 titles and covers a full range of industry sectors:  B2B, consumer, association, niche, academic, city and regional, and custom publishing.

Being able to promote content across channels is a competitive advantage. Here are a few good examples:



Digital Edition ad intros App                              Website pop-up promotes subscription



Home page promotes all channels                    YouTube video promos Digital Edition

 “SUBSCRIBE TODAY” site banner offers print-plus-digital- pricing and a free newsletter


What do we advise?  Use print to promote digital, mobile and web. Use web to promote digital, mobile, and print. Use mobile to link to timely web content. Use e-mails that deploy digital editions to promote related content. You get the idea…

How do you cross-promote your content?  Here’s a checklist and some tips:

  • In print ads (These ads also appear in digital editions and can be linked)
  • Digital blow-ins (These intercept offers can integrate with fulfillment systems)
  • On invoices (Provide upsell package pricing, phone numbers and URLs )
  • Sampling (Protect digital content with “Look Inside”)
  • Telemarketing (Pitch the package, not the pieces)
  • Direct response (Make it easy to respond – by mail, phone, e-mail, and online)
  • On your website (Keep visuals fresh, animate occasionally, apply tracking code)
  • Social Media (Establish a brand identity; become a frequent thought leader)
  • In-app advertising (Try linking in-app ads to a survey or website merchandise)
  • At events (Sticker hard copies with a URL; invite on-the-spot subscription sign-up)
  • PR  (Link both the text and the footer. Use Google Alerts to track media pick-ups)
  • Broadcast (Convey easy use by diverse demographics across channels)
  • Outdoor (Keep your images bold and your message simple: Read anywhere you want)
  • Retail merchandising  (Use store signage, QR codes, and contests to pique interest)
  • Testimonials (Sometimes others say it best; clear permissions for use on all media)
  • Other (Test an interesting pricing model or incentive)


Point is, use all available outlets to increase brand recognition – think creatively and mix it up. You’ll reach new audiences and benefit from viral buzz.

Godengo+Texterity offers extensive training in ad selling technique, tracking and reporting, using digital tools, and effective e-mail deployment. How nice it is to know these resources are close at hand. For more information, inquire at


Jill Baker

Director of Marketing