Beyond the Banner: Robust Directory Listings

Advertisers are as important to your digital business as they are to your print business.  By placing your advertisers online in addition to print, you’re extending  audience reach beyond the loyal print readers to include your online only readers.

Your website can offer your advertisers many valuable ad placements.  For example, many publishers have a print directory product.  Why not offer an online version? Offering an online directory placement to your advertisers provides additional exposure online.  Plus, with many more people accessing websites via smart phones and tablets, advertisers gain additional ways to be seen everywhere. 

Remember, directories don’t just have to be a list, and I suggest that the best ones aren’t.  Online directories offer advertisers additional options that they can’t get in print, including:

Links to Websites

Social Media Feeds (including Facebook and Twitter)




Mobile Text Offers


Robust online directories give readers a reason to visit your site.  Online video is easy to offer, and provides advertisers a way to showcase additional content about their product or service.  Online giveaways give readers a reason to come to your site and give advertisers a way to get people in the door.  People are going mobile. Text offers allow you and your advertisers to reach that mobile audience.  Combining two or more of these features in an advertisers’ online directory listing provides a complete picture of the service or product.  And in return you give readers a reason to visit your website.

Of course the key to any successful campaign is PROMOTION.  If you have a directory on your website that is packed full of valuable content, you need to make sure that you’re promoting that directory in print, online via featured modules or ads, and via your own social media sites. 

The next time an advertiser tells you they don’t just want “just” a banner on your site, offer them a robust online directory listing. 


Krysta Nevin
Godengo, Inc.