Hurricane Impact Update - September 14, 2017

The USPS has resumed deliveries, retail operations, and receiving operations throughout most of the region affected by Hurricane Irma. All of the SCFs and the NDC Jacksonville are processing mail and accepting drop shipments. Fry has resumed clearing, releasing and drop shipping our customers' mail for this region.

In many areas, delivery will remain slow as the USPS deals with the backlog of mail and the considerable damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. Drop shipments may be delayed as we and our partners work to procure postal appointments and transportation.

Truck availability and cost remain challenges throughout much of the US as the transportation industry deals with the ripple effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We are working with our transportation partners to move mail and freight quickly and cost-effectively.

Many local post offices have not re-opened, and mail for residents in those areas are being held at other postal facilities. The USPS has no access to the Florida Keys or to portions of the Virgin Islands.