USPS Summer Sale

The USPS is once again offering a summer INCENTIVE for mailers to incorporate a QR-Mobile Barcode in their mail piece. The program differs from the one last year in at least three significant respects:

  • It provides a 2% postage discount (in contrast to 3% last year).
  • The mobile barcode must direct the recipient to a webpage that allows them to purchase a product or service on a mobile device, or a personalized URL, which leads to a web page that is unique to an individual recipient. (Last year there was more flexibility in how the barcode was used.)
  • The mail piece must include the IMb (Intelligent Mail Barcode); the use of the postnet barcode will not be eligible for the discount.

The QR – Mobile Barcode INCENTIVE is available for carrier-route, automated and presorted mailings of First-Class and Standard Mail (including Nonprofit) cards, letters and flats.  This incentive is running form July 1, 2012 until August 31, 2012.  All mail must be cleared by August 31, 2012, but can be drop shipped to final destination by September 15, 2012.

Customers will also have to register their intent to participate in the discount program through the USPS Business Customer Gateway.  They can begin the registration process beginning May 1, 2012. If they have not already done so, they will also need to obtain a mailer id for use with the IMb.

All pieces must carry the mobile barcode and the statement must be submitted electronically to qualify for the discount.  Each mailer will need to have its own permit number and mailer id.  They cannot use Fry’s permits or mailer id.

The customer must retain the website which is the target of the mobile barcode until 10/31/2012.  If for any reason the website is removed the customer must retain proof of its existence via a screen print.  It will not be Fry’s responsibility to qualify the website. By submitting mailings to the USPS under this program, Fry in no way accepts responsibility for any potential postage adjustments should the mailer fail to meet any of the requirements of the program.

It will be the customer’s responsibility to notify their CSAA of their intention to use the QR or mobile barcode and provide Fry with their mailer ID. CSAA must inform PILoT of the customer’s intention to use the QR or mobile barcode through the Mobile Barcode programming in the jacket, which must include the page number of the QR or mobile barcode.

If the page number is not available when completing the initial LIOF and drop ship release notes, updates must be made to the LIOF and drop ship release notes and a new email must be sent when this information is available.

Two samples of the printed piece MUST be supplied to the mail specialists.

  • One copy will be submitted to the USPS along with the postage statement.
  • One copy will be retained on file in PILoT until 10/31/2012

Since the Mail Specs receive two samples of each printed piece with the completed operators packet, this requirement is met through standard bindery SOP.